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Vincenzo Russello

ONE 4 ALL | Ceratine Base Gel I 15ml

€153,00 100ml

Keratin is produced in our body itself and is especially used for
Growth and stabilize our hair and nails.

The additional keratin in our gel supports the
Flexibility and the strength of our own fingernails.

The ONE 4 ALL is - as the name suggests, one just in case - before the
the actual nail modeling applied thinly as the bottom layer, so it strengthens the
Natural nail and enables the subsequent gel to adhere optimally.

ONE 4 ALL is also ideal after a manicure
An optimal base layer to strengthen your fingernails and prevent them from splitting.

You can wear the nails clear or with colored gel, especially your own
Finsh Color Gels as they don't need to be sealed.

ONE 4 ALL | Ceratine Base Gel I 15ml

€153,00 100ml
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